WolfVision Visualizers

WolfVision GmbH Austria is the leading manufacturer of Visualizers / document cameras.Visualizers are special optoelectronic appliances designed to pick up objects on its working surface in perfect quality quickly and easily. They are mainly used for training and education and as document cameras for videoconferencing.

WolfVision is renowned worldwide as the “Technology Leader“ and the only high end manufacturer in this field of business. In addition to the "high end" WolfVision has also established itself with great products in the middle price range. Only the "low end" is not covered by WolfVision. Compared to car manufacturers WolfVision has the "Rolls Royce, Mercedes and Volkswagen of Visualizers". The key to WolfVisions worldwide success is the concentration of the whole company on the product "Visualizer" and the very high investments in research and development (13% of the turnover).

WolfVision is a pioneer in the industry and has been developing and manufacturing Visualizers for more than two decades.