Display Control System - DVCS

Delta’s Distributive Vision Control System (DVCS) is one of the world’s most advanced control systems designed specifically for control room visual display systems. Combining the latest advances in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and with recent improvements in video encoding efficiency, the Delta DVCS enables customers to capture, distribute, control and display high definition video sources over an IP network reliably and cost-effectively.

The DVCS comprises input processors (RGB & Video) and output processors which are all connected over the LAN / over the IP network via a networker switch and industry standard CAT5 cable. This means that analog RGB/Video cable is no longer needed resulting in a much higher reliability.

Display set up and window configuration is fully controlled by the DVCS ensuring source content is captured, processed, transmitted and displayed exactly as and where you want it. It also ensures perfect continuity of images across multiple cubes. Using proven server-grade computer technology, the DVCS is capable of supporting large scale displays with up to 10,000 display units can be supported – each with up to 64 input sources– all in real time.

You can now control your DVCS with an iPadTM.

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